Game Rules, Lisa Sharpe Memorial 4 on 4 (Eganville Minor Hockey)

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Six teams each will consist of nine players; eight skaters and one goalie and will be from U11 and U13 (Saturday) and U15 and U18 (Sunday) House, Competitive Rep B/C, or AA. Players will be mixed by age, skill, and association to make the teams as fair and equitable as possible. 

Players are asked to bring both a dark and light (preferably white) jersey. Home team will wear white, Visitor will wear dark.


Games will be fast and fun 4 on 4 action with ice slots being 25 minutes in length. 

• Except when a flood is scheduled (after games 5, 10, and 15) players shall immediately take to the ice at the conclusion of the preceding game, even before the other teams have vacated the ice. Games must start on time or early! 
• No pucks on the ice for warmup. 
• Single 21 minute period running time with 1.5 minute line change buzzer. Single face off starts the game. 
• On the buzzer, players (other than the goalie) may not play or handle the puck and must immediately proceed to the bench for a line change. Touching the puck by a player after the buzzer results in penalty shot. 
• Substitutions may only occur when a player on the ice reaches the bench. Players on the bench must wait until a player comes off before jumping onto the ice surface – no going on at the buzzer if your player is not back to the bench! 
• If there is not a full line change available, any player remaining on the ice must tag up at the bench. 


Aside from the first puck drop there will not be any further face offs. Game flow is controlled by change of possession in which the defending team is granted possession of the puck. 

A change of possession is signaled by the official at which time the team that is losing possession must retreat past the red line and allow the opposing team an opportunity to exit their zone before applying any pressure.

The following situations will result in a change of possession:
• Goal being scored.
• Goalie freezing puck.
• Offsides and icings.
• Headmanning the puck (carrying the puck from one end zone to the other without passing).
Any other situation deemed appropriate by an official (ie puck frozen against the boards). 

Headmanning the puck – Unless a player is on a clear breakaway, no player may carry the puck from their defending zone into the attacking zone without passing the puck. Team play is an absolute must especially considering the different age and skill levels that will be participating!


Standard penalties will be enforced immediately (no delayed penalties). Playing or handling the puck by a skater after the line change buzzer will result in a penalty. 

• All penalties will be conducted by a penalty shot by the player fouled. The clock will be stopped. 
• All other players will lie on their stomach on the goal line of the attacking team and may only move once the player taking the shot has touched the puck at which time the clock will be started. 
• Players may chase the shooter but cannot interfere with the attempt. 
• Once the penalty shot has been made, play will continue following the procedure for a goal/freeze or with live play if a rebound is made. 


Teams will play five round robin games. Two points awarded for a win, one point for a tie. 
At the end of round robin play, the top team advances directly to the Championship game while second and third place teams battle to reach the final game.

The following rules will apply to tiebreaking:
1. Head to Head between two teams, or Most Wins for games between all tied teams if three or more.  
2. Total Goal Differential %: Goals For divided by (Goals For + Goals Against)
3. Random Draw


Overtime will only be played during the semi-final and championship games. 
• 3 on 3
• Single 5 minute overtime period with 1 minute line change buzzer.
• Sudden victory simultaneous shootout. No player may shoot a second time until all players have shot. 

There will be no tolerance for any fighting, abuse, or other disrespectful behavior. This event is about FUN and raising funds in honor of Lisa.